conspiracy of silence teaser

“Has anyone ever heard silence? Deep, dead silence?”

 “What makes human communication and talking so special is imagination. Man is the only living creature that is able to talk about intangible things and believe in them. What is more, he is the only living creature that cannot live without invented truths. He has to believe in something, even when he believes that he does not believe in anything. History has given us many truths and taken away from us just as many of them. Truths that were dead serious in their time are ridiculously funny in another. Nowadays we are living amidst a suffocating abundance of truths that are giving shape and direction to our lives. And it is within this abundance that we, the fragile and scared ones, are fighting for our own, one and only truth. Fighting for meaning and existence has made us deaf to the point that we are screaming and we cannot hear others singing their own truths.”

(Tereza Gregorič) 

m&n dance company/nastja bremec/michal rynia

music : diaphane

conspiracy of silence integral

conspiracy of silence close up