S/HE teaser

“In our search for completeness, happiness and fulfilment we often rely on the Other, the man or the woman next to us. We have a feeling that once, a long time ago, gods split us in two, and that ever since we’ve been relentlessly searching for our other half. We’ve hoped to find our own oneness in the ideal of the romantic love, in the perfection of the person with whom we’ve united our life, yet this continues to leave us alone, closed into our own loneliness and unattainability of such ideal in our everyday and earthly life. Perhaps the relentless search will one day bring us to our goal, and that other He or She will come to life around and inside us, merge with us to form an indestructible alliance and perhaps we’ll then find that we didn’t, more than anything in the world, need to be loved by someone, but to love someone. “

m&n dance company/nastja bremec/michal rynia

music : diaphane/viperstone

S/HE integral